Hurna Explorer

H.urna Explorer Maze

Hurna Explorer is a free web-based visualization platform for understanding and teaching science at any age. It is articulated around interactives animations and visualizers allowing to see algorithms, data structures, maths and much more.

By revealing the mechanics behind ‘complex’ computation, it helps to understand oneself and at its own pace. For more advanced users, it is useful as an online playground for experimenting with various modules: users can conduct further investigations by visualizing, analyzing, creating and sharing specific processes and structures.

For more advanced users, H.urna is useful as an online tool for debugging and experimenting with various modules. Users can conduct further investigations by visualizing, analyzing, creating and sharing specific processes and structures.


H.urna Wiki

Hurna wiki aims to be an accessible introduction into the design and analysis of science (such as algorithm constructions, complexity computations, equation resolutions etc.) while making that information being open, safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

Whilst the Wiki mostly highlights general techniques and well-known algorithms, it also gives deeper understanding of the concepts encountered in the Explorer in a more static way and encompasses the algorithms source codes.

Just telling 'how it works' is not always enough to get your ideas across, while neither is just showing them running. In other words, Hurna Wiki is the ideal resources partner for learning and teaching with Hurna Explorer.

Hurna Community

H.urna Community

Hurna Community is an open platform to talk about science. The community allows people to ask questions, get answers, get help, share discoveries, ideas, techniques, and stories.

Mixing different communities, crossing fields and ages is for us a way to exponentially grow knowledge. Hurna provides thus an environment where inexperienced users are able to pose questions while engaging advanced users who are likely to assist them. Our Community engagement leads to improved sharing whether it is knowledge, joy, point of vues or anything else.

The community features live chat, keyword tags, search tool, social sharing, real time updates and much more… It is also easily accessible and perfectly functional on every device and screen including the mobile ones.

Hurna Core C++

Documentation - Github

H.urna core c++

H.urna Core C++ is a relatively small open source project that uses modern C++. It is implemented as a cross-platform, easy to build, full headed library containing some of the most known Algorithms and Data Structures.

Hurna Core c++ gives the opportunity to:
- Learn programming in C++.
- Get a base project to practice job interviews and coding skills.
- Have a great open source material to build your own best quality software and workflow with no proprietary dependencies nor costs.
- Learn best practices software development.
- ...

Hurna Core C++ is build under best practices software development (cross-building, unit testing, automated documentation...); giving a great caveat to start developing with the promise to conserve great quality standards. Please note that all the possible dependencies included are open-source and free to use. This toolset included lower costs and reduce risk by identifying problems earlier: it improves work-flow, increase productivity, gives agility and project health monitoring.